5 Best Places to Visit in Spain

Are you looking for a beautiful holiday destination? Spain comes out to be the top holiday destination for most Europeans. With the old part of Spain, it is no big surprise that this country is regularly the one discussed when chronicled spots are examined. If you are one of the individuals who relish the old-fashioned sentiment that you can get from chronicled spots, you will love to spend your holidays in Spain. Some of the top places to visit in Spain are discussed below. You can also add these places to your list to visit when you will Spain.





This is an absolute necessity to see this place when on an outing to Spain. Madrid is genuinely a great spot to visit for such a large number of reasons. If you love to enjoy the nightlife, then Madrid is the best place for you. This spot truly wakes up when the sun goes down. So this is the best holiday destination for the people who love night parties. The nightlife of Madrid is very exciting and extraordinary and as such very popular. Even though you like some basic things or advanced activities, there is all that anyone could need here to keep you occupied and entertained. Two of the most well-known spots to visit regardless of what your tastes are would be the Museo del Prado and the Palacio Real. You may even enjoy the best Christmas dinner ever as the restaurants around are famed for fine dining. 




No outing to Spain would be finished without an excursion to Barcelona. This is the second biggest city in Spain, and it is the capital of Catalonia. Even though this is one of the busiest places there is still a lot of energizing things that you can discover to do. You can walk around Las Ramblas and afterward head on over to Sagrada Familia and complete off the day by heading off to the Barcelona Cathedral. Don’t stress over where you can take breaks. There are numerous bistros on the way so that you can beat the high temperature easily.




This is a fantastic spot to see for it has large building structures to look at. Seville is the region of Sevilla and the capital of Andalusia which makes it a beautiful place to visit. There are numerous aesthetic and social exercises to keep you occupied and captivated your entire group. Make sure not to miss the lovely site of the Seville Cathedral as this is one of the best specimens of the structural marvels of Seville.




Granada is home to the Science Park which is interesting and fun for both children and adults alike.




If you’re searching for a few good old molded entertainment then perhaps Valencia is the place for you. Witness amazing fireworks, festivals and tomato fights in the street.